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Welcome το Eurowings Group of Companies Web Portal

This new portal has been developed to provide an overview of services of our two companies: Eurowings Aviation and Consulting Ltd. and Eurowings Aviation Training Services (Eurowings ATS). It also provides links to other sites with more detailed information and operations of these companies in support of their activities.

Founded in July 2000, Eurowings Aviation and Consulting Ltd. has developed a range of services from Aviation Training, Licence Conversion and Time Building to Flying Holidays,  Aerial Photography, Aviation Supplies and Techical Support, Consulting and I.T. services. In March 2014, Eurowings Aviation Training Services (Eurowings ATS) was founded as a Single Member Private Company with the view to gradually take over Eurowings Ltd. training services for Private Pilot License for single engine aeroplanes and Night Qualification VFR but also developing new services with new infrastructures deployed as part of Eurowings ATS Investment Plan which is now successfuly completed. In December 2015 Eurowings ATS submited required licensing documenation to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) to operate as a Part ORA Approved Training Organisation.

AVIATIONEU family of registered Domain Names (indicating AVIATION IN EUROPE) has been selected for our Group Internet presence replacing older ones with EUROWINGS label. AVIATIONEU highlights both our Group strategy to offer quality and competitive services addressing the needs of different segments of the Aviation market and also the geographical location of Group companies.

For additional information on our Group capabilities and services please use links provided for our additional sites and social media using the Quick Guide below:

An overview of Eurowings Group of Companies and services is included under the sections Companies and Services in the Main menu of this Portal. 

Detailed information on our Aviation Training services operated by Eurowings ATS can be sought at

Our full fledged e-Learning Platform in support of Eurowings ATS aviation training services can be accessed at This platform provides necessary training content in Greek and English languages such as theory notes, reference materials, maps, self assessment and progress monitoring tests, etc. which is used by our instructors and students during their training. Combined use of this platform and flight simulation software allows trainees to familiarise themselves with theory and then practise in different topics of their flight training.To see a demo operation of our platform use guest for login and guest123 for password.

Aviation and industrial parts, raw materials as well as maintenance services offered by our co-operating EU and suppliers are promoted through our E-marketplace Developed and operated by Eurowings Aviation & Consulting Ltd. this E-marketplace iintegrates detailed product information and electronic ordering capability for a wide range from engines, propellers and parts to avionics, raw materials, tools and consumables. Services are available to registered users only. This Marketplace is also planned to be used in the future  to accommodate respective products/ services from companies in the countries where our Group is represented.

Our common Knowledgebase & Ticketing Service ( allows us to respond to specific inquiries or technical assistance requests but also includes a knowledgebase structured in different thematic categories enabling interested users to seek more information on specific subjects.

Social Media - Marketing - Promotion. If you wish to stay tuned with Eurowings Group latest news then click on our Press Releases page. You can find information on latest developments regarding our Group projects, cooperations and services. Our Group news are also published at social media pages such as Facebook. Linkedin and  Twitter. Please use available links to access our pages in the social networks. Furthermore our Group different sites are listed in a significant number of Search Engines and Directories worldwide. You can see these listings at Sites & Web Listings section.